Over 25 years offering the best product

In Ayamonte (Huelva), in the south of Spain and sharing a border with Portugal, ELPOR® is the result of more than 25 years of work in commercialization, first, and fishing, manufacturing and distribution, later on, of high quality fishing products at a national and international level.

Since the beginning of the 90s, the company has worked to offer the best quality and service to their customers and partners, always guaranteeing the supply of a premium product; this is thanks to our fleet with more than 30 boats and to our commitment to use the best international fishing grounds, FAO 34 and FAO 27.9a, rich in great quality seafood, where the octopus, our reference product, eats and gets its high organoleptic qualities.

Quality, Service, Innovation and Sustainability as values


First quality raw materials, traditional fishing methods, environment preservation, investment in technology for product manufacturing and packaging, monitoring and verifying that the most strict requirements of quality and food safety are met to give our customers the best product always.

ELPOR®, we understand that the sales go beyond the product delivery, that’s why we offer our customers a personalized service, since we consider them our partners and we offer them the best product, listening and working in order to grow together with our brand ELPOR® or private labels and a variety of formats and presentations, because their benefit will also be ours.

Our Experience

  • Year 2018

    At Present

    We keep being committed to quality, after-sales service, permanent innovation and excellence in the products and services offered to our customers. We offer them solutions that meet their needs by giving them more than a supply, it’s a long-term partnership.

  • During 2010

    El Pulpo de Oro 2 is born (El Por)

    It is born in 2010 in the port of Ayamonte (Huelva), as a continuation of the 20-year career of Antonio Barroso in the fishing products market.

  • The 90s

    Antonio Barroso starts his adventure

    In the 90s, he starts his career by supplying products from the coast of Huelva to fish retailers from all over Spain. Afterwards, the growth of the business allows him to seal deals with fish markets and boats form the region until being able to expand his purchases widely.