We are experts in octopus in all its specialties. We can provide from the raw product to the most prepared octopus (MP, IQF, flower-shaped and boiled). We don’t work with other products, we are a single-product company.


We buy our raw material in origin, in the fish market as well as through our direct contact with boats that go fishing exclusively for us. We use only raw materials from the Moroccan and Algarve coasts, symbols of high quality.

After-sales Service

You and your objectives are our priority. We offer flexibility and adaptability. We sell satisfied clients. We provide advice for your purchases trying to find purchase spots where you can buy advantageously.

Boiled Octopus

Fishing, Manufacturing and Commercialization

Our professionals handle the product with great care. This product is more and more demanded and they take care of every detail in the manufacturing and presentation process, respecting the flavor and quality of the best octopus at all times.

Frozen Octopus

IQF whole octopus, frozen in PVC trays

Frozen directly after fishing by our fleet in the fishing grounds of Spain and Portugal or Mauritania and Morocco respectively, our octopus has all the characteristics that the final consumer seeks to enjoy the best product, with the flavor and quality that only ELPOR® offers .

Boiled Octopus

Frozen Octopus

Refrigerated Octopus

Flower-shaped Octopus

Customer Service

Calle Ribera del Guadiana nave 61.5 – 21400 Ayamonte – Huelva (Spain). Phone (+34 ) 959 32 05 86

Email: info@elpor.es

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